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Bolieu artiste peintre québécoise en art abstrait

About me

I am a painter and visual artist born in Montreal in 1964, graduated in visual arts from Collège Marie-Victorin then from the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQÀM) and finally, graduated in advertising illustration from Collège Salette._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ I have had a career in teaching the arts to adults for more than 4 decades and, at the same time, a career as a solo artist for the past 25 years.

Quebec artist, I am a native of Montreal and it is now in the Laurentians region that I deposit my life and practice my art there with passion. heart  from this abundant nature, an incessant source of healing, that I create myworks et  receive my students.  

I have gone through several ages of my life and still to this day, I remain convinced of the essential benefits of artistic creation, I think it  elevates the spirit by giving it extra soul and helps to vibrate the entire planet.
I therefore believe that the work of an artist is one of great importance:  de la conception d'une work,  to its realization and to the varnish.
I think the same of sharing knowledge with my students, this sharing develops, elevates and reveals the talent of others.

My mission:  by theheart and for fun, sculpt the brain by making it discover what it does not know. 

France Beaulieu Bolieu artiste peintre québécoise art abstrait contemporain


Transformer l’univers visuel, émotif et mental du spectateur en invitant son imagination à percevoir ce qu'elle ne capte pas au premier regard et lui permettre de découvrir ce que son cerveau ne reconnaît pas tout de suite. 

About my art

Always, I paint in a state of grace!  I feed my inspiration  of happiness, let it be  large or small, touching the beautiful and vast that Life offers.  And I talk to you about it a lot  …on my paintings.

When I design a painting, I address you that I have the impression of knowing long before meeting you;  I write to you with the inks of my brushes that I slide on my textures , shaping many shots that flourish under the subtleties of a multitude of superimposed nuances where it is good to travel, take refuge and dream.  My paintings allow to be move.


I breathe into each painting a story which, through the prism of your gaze, becomes the one you inhabit and the one which evolves at the rhythm of the events of your life, like a philosophical tale which is renewed with each re-reading:  

it is the magic of abstraction which operates. 

I like to play !


I am an experienced technician:  the materials appeal to me and the colors speak loudly to me!  My technique is mixed.

I juggle with structural mortar, stencils, papers.  I embed architectural pieces, glass, wood and metal.


I play with acrylic inks, acrylic pastes, oil colors, crayons, markers, spray paints, gouache, pastels and dry pigments. 

I love light so much that I use it as an intrinsic component of the work, I use metallic and mica films which are authentic light sensors. 


I create one-of-a-kind contemporary works that have two distinct personalities:  one under ambient light and a completely different one under spotlights.

Finally, I offer you my paintings sealed in their epoxy resin case. 

technique mixte feuille d'or par l'artiste peintre Bolieu
Peinture technique mixte en art abstrait par l'artiste peintre Bolieu
peinture abstraite par l'artiste Bolieu
Encre acrylique technique mixte par Bolieu
Encre acrylique technique mixte par Bolieu artiste peintre
époxy résine acrylique technique mixte Bolieu
époxy résine chalumeau technique mixte Bolieu artiste peintre
Mortier structure flexible Technique mixte sur acrylique par Bolieu

a busy career


Holder of several diplomas in visual arts

Owner of his painting school since 1981

Numerous group exhibitions (Canada, France, Spain, Tunisia) 

Solos and symposiums in Canada  

Jury member

Honorary Presidency

Guest artist - conferences and school workshops

Member of the Quebec delegation in Tunisia

Gold and silver medalist

Recipient of numerous recognitions

works  in private and public collections, commissioned and published

Member of the Mondial Art Academia

Trainer for various arts organizations

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