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custom-made artworks

My hidden card!

Tell you the pleasure I have in creating these works and the success they have! 

Drawn from your own energy, a custom-made work is a completely personalized painting in which you are the hero of your most beautiful adventures, whether they were or were dreamed of. 


You choose its format, its dimensions and its dominant colors.  From the first meeting, the conception of the painting is based on your words amalgamated with all my sensitivity which is expressed in my unique way of work. 

It's your turn to let yourself speak of love!

At the right time, the party starts right away! 

We are arranging a meeting between us, so that I can get to know you well, take at least 3 tons of notes on your story and feel the pulse of the place where you will live with your work.  If the face-to-face meeting is not possible or desirable, it will be virtual.

The search for very striking ideas, the many validations with your accomplices and the small details of the work take a considerable time.  This is why a minimum period of 3 months is requested.



Would you like to offer a          ? 


I concoct you a very nice gift certificate, just as personalized as the painting itself, which you can proudly offer, at the appropriate time. 


I meet the lucky owner later, when everyone is in good spirits and time is not upsetting anyone or anything.  

Commande spéciale de tableaux Artiste peintre Bolieu


After our first meeting, a quotation is established specifying the details of our verbal agreement, the terms of payment as well as the final price fixed according to the size of the work ordered (my current rate + 20%). 

When the quote is signed, the thrilling adventure begins. 

Taxes are calculated in the final price:  no bad surprises! 

Some custom-made artworks

voyage terre bijoux masque vin musique


A couple very proud to have been able to forge close ties between their respective children, recompose their family which has become unified, strong, lively and very close-knit. With all them, they are living theirs passions : camping, travelling, visiting vineyards around the globe, cooking classes in Vietnam and traveling again, everywhere!  


With the help of their extraordinary accomplices, the six children, I painted the story of their beautiful and great life as a married couple, fulfilled parents, prosperous partners and nomadic epicureans.


For her 50th birthday, the whole IZA family has come together to give her the gift she so wanted to receive:   a painting signed BOLIEU. 


What follows is an extraordinary adventure for her that she can reread at will, contemplating her painting;  on a circular wooden panel, a nice big baseball bounces off the rich moments of her life!

Commande spéciale tableau Iza Artiste peintre Bolieu
Commande spéciale tableau Venise Artiste peintre Bolieu


Traveling to Venice during the Halloween festivities, a tourist fully savors all the fabulous manifestations of this holiday and brings back a Venetian mask as a souvenir.  She offers me the great pleasure of immortalize the feelings of his trip on a painting where the acquired mask will have to be in the spotlight. 

From her evenings at the theatre, to street performances, to the opera, to the restaurant and even getting lost in the Venetian maze overflowing with eclectic characters, she can relive her journey through this painting. The beautiful big holographic stave shines with a thousand other lights under a bright light and recreates all the colorful and enchanting atmosphere of the Halloween splendor celebrated in Venice. 


A couple gets married and this painting is offered to them as a wedding gift. It is directly inspired by their trip to Italy where Monsieur asks Madame in marriage on a gondola in Venice.

The backstory of the painting is a mystery word that evokes the indelible imprints of this journey so significant for them, thehe round shapes are superimposed and become their alliances composing the heads of the spouses whose faces are encamped by two Venetian masks.

Let the party be!

Commande spéciale tableau Majovi Artiste peintre Bolieu
Commande spéciale tableau Bonne fête papa Artiste peintre Bolieu


At the family cottage, a dad collects all the drawn gifts received from his children and decorates his bedroom wall with them.


On his 60th birthday, his wife entrusted me with the mandate to group all the drawings photographed on a single board.  I printed them, cut them out, arranged them, mounted them on a wooden panel, recolored them and sealed them for eternity under epoxy.  Here, there is only the conception and the realization of this case which are mine, the artists are the three children.


This artwork, which has become the new bedhead, now watches over the dreams of these happy grandparents! 

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