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Trained as a hyper-realist, it is surrealism that has captured my heart.


From painting to painting, the epidermis of my characters disappears, they become fluid, empty shells of clothing.  One after the other, the paintings shed their figurative form, but the colours remain.  They are the actual characters.


The textures meld and overlap, becoming the planes of an abstract world filled with oft-superimposed colours offering unique depths.  Those are the actual planes.


Iridescent and pearly pigments are added, and also gold and silver leaf, inlays, holographic and metallic film.  together or one after the other, those fabulous light-catchers highlight the work designed to blossom under a direct shaft of light. It is the actual light. 


Finally, the entire piece is smothered in epoxy resin that mimics the magnifying effect of glass.  It is the actual sheath.

Each painting is to me cause to celebrate you ;  your guests, clad in their coloured and sparkly garb, dance, sing and twirl to the rhythm of the silent music of the shapes that intertwine and mark the revelry.





Born in Montreal in 1964, the artist now resides in the Laurentian region of the province of Quebec (Canada)

Bolieu has studied visual arts privately, and also at college and university.

She gave her first kids workshops for the City of Montreal, and opened her own private school for adults in 1981.  Ever since then, she has led her career as a teacher and professional artist simultaneously.  

With her surrealist work, the artist has taken part in over forty prestigious group exhibits, including a few in France, Spain and Tunisia.  Her résumé includes numerous solo exhibits and symposiums in Canada.  She was one of the first permanent artists at the Luxart Art Gallery on notorious St.Paul street in Montreal. Member of the jury.  Honorary president.  Guest artist.  Guest member of the Quebec delegation to Tunisia.  Selected works (private and public collections), commissioned and published.

In 2008, she pursued a degree in commercial illustration at Collège Salette in Montreal. Surprisingly, this is where she discovered inks and textures, followed by refining forms to abstraction. 

Although she has perfected her pictural language over 40 years, it is still being refined with each painting, and her palette remains filled with saturated colours. 

Her compositions, now abstract, showcase colours as though they were living, breathing characters.


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