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who tell the paintings

HERMINE - BOLIEU - Acrylique sur panneau


(La Grande) HERMINE is the main ship of Jacques Cartier's second voyage to present-day Quebec. bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ ...waves!


It is the journey undertaken by computer communications and which binds us wherever we are on this fabulous blue ball that we urgently need to green again.


And from this extraordinary technology are also born pollutions: words too quickly spat out that hurt, unhealthy confrontations between cultures, obsolete satellites abandoned in orbit, etc.


Because nothing is perfect, in space you can clearly see the tarnished links (purplish) and the debris of the satellites (purple).


HERMINE is the journey we make via the waves and the traces it leaves, too!



The Confrontation of Forces is over and GALILEA emerges victorious.


Returned pregnant from her triumph, she is now the Great Protector of the vast blue lands.

where she nurtures the precious spark of perpetual life.


It is since that day that within it and under the emblem of its protective mask, Life is born and flourishes.


We all owe him our round planet and the red color of our fertile blood...



This painting was conceptualized, simmered during the pregnancy of my already adored first grandchild, and refined following his birth.  It therefore legitimately bears his first name: Hector.


It's a big party in me and around me!


It's the spark of new life, it's the explosion of popped champagne

and the bouquet of flowers turned blue for the occasion!


He is the great man still very small who carries within himself all the promises of a better generation of humans.


It is the biggest, the best, the marvelous and the extraordinary miracle of life that strikes right in the heart of mine!


My beloved Hector:  welcome to my life!


This is one of the fondest memories of my childhood!

It's me, the indolent little girl on the way to school who is considerably late in taking the time to admire a puddle of oil for a long time.  I remember gently breaking the very thin layer of ice offered

on this chilly October morning and release the colors frozen under the brittle film.  A fascination is born!

This is my discovery of iridescence.  And this interferential phenomenon is deeply rooted in me

and forever marks my imagination.


It is immediately the incessant search for these iridescent colors found in the soap bubble

or on a duck's feathers and even in my grandmother's spun sugar.


That day it was the little girl who, instead of following the planned path,

short buy rainbow candy to taste the colors.


And since then, all my life, I have tried to eat colors.  I am a painter!

MAJOVI réduit.jpg


A couple is getting married and this painting is offered to them as a wedding gift by friends.  It is totally inspired by their trip to Italy where Monsieur asks for Madame's hand on a gondola in Venice.   After the glorious "YES", the engagement takes place right there, on the gondola.


The background of the painting is a mystery word that evokes several significant parts of their journey:  the romance of the engagement in a gondola, the meals washed down with the wines they drank, the paths trodden, etc


Round shapes are superimposed transcending the movements of their nuptial dance and turned towards each other, the Venetian masks personalize the spouses.


Inscribed behind the painting:  "Bevete dello stesso vino ma ciascuno nella vostra coppa" which means:  "Drink the same wine but each in your cup"


For Marie-JOsée and VIncent, MAJOVI is the party that was and still is!


Today is the birthday of the warm Red named AQUILA, he is the surprise guest of his own party!


The Yellow, the Turquoise, the Rose and some other close friends surprise their friend by showing up generously;

  he is offered Gold and Silver as gifts.


But it's the beautiful Blue that catches AQUILA's attention.  He had never met her, not even at Violet's.

  Deep in the back, hidden behind the others, it beats time with all its nuances.


Stretched towards her, he invites her without saying a word.  Too happy to join the illustrious, she gets up and gives him a dazzling smile.  Together they spin all evening, sing and have fun.  It's the beginning of a new time for them.


The sparkling wine spreads and the party settles in comfortably.  On the dance floor covered in rays of light,

a dazzling line-up of five musicians sets the frenzied rhythm of the evening that drags on.


You attend the first dance of this couple now rich in many tones!

JULIO - BOLIEU, encres acryliques et tec


JULIO is the cowardly adversary of Arlequin, both very much in love with the delicious Columbine.


JULIO wants so much to get Colombine's attention that he tries to fool her by becoming a watered down version of his stupid rival. -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Clever, he wears clothes with Harlequin motifs but chooses different colors, which adapt to Columbine's moods.  Cunning, he wears a colorful mask , like Harlequin, but his is without a nose.  Agile, he writes poems taken from collections of which he is not the author.


But JULIO is Harlequin's unknown twin, his other part.  60% intelligence.  They do their best to be witty, and sometimes push this desire to the point of malice.  They excel in misunderstandings and always come out… losers.


But Colombine is in love with Pierrot la Lune, he is the one who warms her up in winter and makes her dream ;  she has never even laid eyes on the twins, neither one nor the other.

Ludo 1.jpg


LUDO is the aesthetics of a game that I designed and painted to amuse you.


The different dimensions amuse the brain by forcing it to capture the second plan before the first, an illusion intensified by the metallic surface juxtaposed with matte surfaces. 

It's the game of bold colors opposed to broken colors. 

These are isosceles triangles assembled in pairs that form dissonant yet well-aligned diamonds. 

It is the ellipse that you force into a square from which it cannot yet come. 

It is fire that meets ice without ever melting it. 

It is the opaque nothing superimposing the clearly visible whole. 

These are the small forms that form only one, very large.

It's a game that addresses your brain so that it can once again become the playful instrument that it is a priori.



It is on a beautiful sunny afternoon that we celebrate the last victory of the family business and it is HORACIO, the quiet force at the head of the clan, who receives the honors!_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ We toast to the substantial benefit of his precious contribution.


It is by raising his glass to eye level that HORACIO sees the bubbles fluttering about. necklace, delicately threaded one behind the other.


Totally captivated by random movements, he observes with absolute fascination the paths of chance that take shape there, before his eyes.


Cut off from the noises of the party, it plunges into this meander of light shapes that come out of nowhere, blossom along the way and burst on the surface. perfectly his gift:  cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ sniff out the right investments knowing how to get the best benefits from a project that seemed unpromising at the start.

And make it burst in success!



Folco is an enterprising dynamic with an innovative spirit. 

He knows how to be determined and even sometimes gruff or brittle, but he is also and above all, a chilled lover.


Decked out in his belt sprinkled d'or, he offers himself to the dance and follows the music chanting the refrain of his sword strokes.


It is Beauty, covered in her diaphanous veil, who holds out her arm to him, already charmed.


He twirls her around with ease and grace.

  Very pleasantly surprised,she allows herself to be bewitched by succumbing so voluntarily to the stunning charm of the mad stallion.


Folco is the carnal magic of a music masterfully removed and rhythmic with sword strokes!

1 (2).jpg


GONZAGUE is the leaf that will spend the winter!


"[...] like every year...  the leaves die and fall but there is always one left...  just one.

Well this year, here is this famous sheet!  [...]


[...] few people know it [...] and yet it has been so since the beginning of time... is at the beginning of autumn that the leaves designate the one that must spend the winter...  to tell the seasons to the young leaves of the following spring...


...then it disappears and a new sheet is designated in turn...  and so on...


[...] And he who sees the leaf which must pass the winter is assured of having a good winter..."

Fred (1981). "Philemon", Dargaud, Felicien's secret, p. 6 and 7



Like every morning, Fabio goes to the river to admire his reflection and contemplate

for a long time the pink of her cheeks which he finds so well arranged with the blue of her eyes.


But this morning, he loses his footing and finds his nose on the stones, engulfed in the water current.

  Stuck by the branches strewing the bank, he drowned.


That's when he hears little muffled voices whispering in turn, deep inside him.

  They are the river fairies, one pink and the other blue.  "We are the ones who look at you every morning and every time of light the pebbles, we dance for you. Alas, you only see yourself!” they tell him.

  “You can come back to life if you choose to see beauty in all things but you will never see your reflection again”.


The morning after his misadventure, Fabio goes to the river, and as agreed, his reflection is no more.

  He takes the time to carefully examine the rocky bottom;

  the dreary pebbles of days gone by have become pink and blue fairy dresses dancing in the sunlight.


Fabio becomes alive again, available to the beauties that surround him and to those he carries within him!



FOXTROT is the letter F of the international standardized radio alphabet, used by the emergency services on radio frequencies.


FOXTROT is also a door that opens onto the story of a once glorious and badly failed ship whose too many years spent under water have nevertheless deliciously oxidized its hull.


Three of his finest panels are now bolted together, stemming from the worst but united for the best. 

Closed together, the triad now forms a robust door that opens at will on many new chapters transcending the existence of the unfortunate original ship.


And that's how you change the story of a life:

using the best from the worst to write the next chapters. 


Inevitably the most beautiful doors open!





The good King DAGOBERT, well dressed for the event, is preparing to celebrate the royal nuptials of his daughter.


He moves heaven and earth to find the honorable present that the newlyweds will cherish all their lives.


He places the sky and its clouds on one side, the earth and its volcanoes on the other.  From between the two springs light.


Ah! he said to himself, this is the gift I was looking for!

They will remember their past weddings and will have the light of the eternal present to illuminate their future!


And this is how the three times were created.



It's raining, it's wet

It's a party at the FROG


The "Minyobates steyermarki" lives in a single territory populated by wooded areas where rocky moss is abundant.  When it rains, it's a party for this tiny but venomous red frog from Yapacana (Venezuela) , favoring an abundance of small invertebrates which it delights in.


Critically endangered, this frog's main predator is a few humans who collect it for its toxicity, color and rarity.


This painting presents you with a unique guest of honor and dressed in her magnificent scarlet dress which shines and stands out against the rain-soaked moss, a healthy promise for any banquets.



The whole community is busy making the usual preparations to welcome the long-awaited guest with dignity;

  we draw the dark curtains and we open wide the door through which come the first golden rays of the sun of this extraordinary first day.

  Never before has a guest received such a welcome!


It is on this 17th day of Scorpio that the tiny fairy Emilie arrives, adorned with her finery from another world.

  The hours pass, the folds of her dress fade and her eyes turn grey.


Barely squealing, she enchants with her mere presence, she is the long-awaited ripe fruit.


Since his arrival, the curtains remain wide open, the sun illuminates and dominates the days of the elected community!

BOLIEU Gilford - Acrylique sur toile, 36


Lord GILFORD is an original.  He loves to dress up in French colors despite his British origins from which he only remembers his first name!


Proud of the phlegm that he no longer controls at all, he now has a wide smile and knows how to laugh loudly.


Although the wars have long been resolved, it is nevertheless dressed in a blue and red pomegranate tree coat and a bouquet of white lilies in his hand that he seduces his coveted.  The nuptials take place on the spot.


Heirs to an original, this mixed descent designs the family coat of arms which bears the color of the fleur-de-lys offered to their mother and the colors of their father's coat.


Generations follow one another and the fleur-de-lys is refined to the point of abstraction but the background retains its original colors:   blue-white-red.


It's the GILFORD heritage!

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